Table of Contents

Part I-Basic requirements

  • Using English as the project management language
  • Adequate Excel skills
  • Stable PC/Mac and internet accessibility
  • Knowledge of the target language is required
  • A fixed daily available time of 3-5 hours
  • A good communicating ability, clear logic

Part II-Job responsibilities

Recruit from your own social network, classmates, acquaintances, etc.

Recruit from targeted social media platforms and groups.

Company will provide Ads support for senior team leaders to help recruit more people.

Eg: Deliver assignments such as error collection appeal to the QA team members; submit system or permission problem with a professional, efficient way, etc.

Eg: Promote new candidate into moderate, promote moderate into QA, remove inactive account from the list, make and carry out the weekly plan, etc.

Part III-Common operation and knowledge

A. The job basics regard to inspection and payment

B. The preparation work

C. Session 1 training

Guideline and common errors study.

The team leader should get familiar with the TCS basic rules and arrange the guideline and common errors study.

-Deliver the guideline and common error files and arrange group study, discuss details of the guideline, and answer new candidates’ questions.

-Emphasize again on some common mistakes(numbers, punctuation, modal words, non target language, etc) will correct 70% of the new candidates’ mistakes.

-Deliver policy quiz and make sure they get it 100% correct.

Offline test and training

-Offline training materials are usually in the form of excel files

-The link column are links that’ll lead you to real TCS links(cases)

-Trainees are supposed to listen to the links, and then write the TEXT PART OF THE CORRECT TRANSCRIBE in the file and send it back

-The supposed to be correct answers provided by company are limited to the previous cut, and they might not be correct

D. Trouble shooting

Common problem includes “no permission” report from TCS app(for whom supposed to have permission already). Follow the standard procedure:

-Check the settings of TCS app, both “language” and “business line”. You’ll have to reopen the app and see whether this is really fixed in case of app bug.

-Check his log in route according to “prep tutorial” page

-Clear TCS cache and cookies, check internet connection, and reopen

-If still not working, record a screen and submit. The recording should be horizontal, a viewer can see every detail of the whole screen, preferably with native screen recorder of the computer.

Other commonly seen system errors include audio can’t load, the whole interface can’t load, etc. Please also follow the same reboot process first. TCS system have a large data flow and things could go jammed due to your physical location and internet status.

E. Error collection appeal

Error collection is an excel file that’ll be updated daily, it’s a collection of the failed QA

cases that inspected by the EVA. A QA must read and finish appeal in it first before he starts a day’s work. EC is both a study material and a conversation window for the QA and EVA to align with their standards. The company will have EC assessment irregularly to check team and members attitude towards EC

-Choose/write “no” if you agree with the EVA decision

-Choose/write “yes” if you don’t agree with the EVA opinion and think that you are right

-In case you choose “yes” please write down your reason, in English only regardless of the project language.

F. Weekly team status wrap up

-Conclusion of the past week

-Current team status

-Weekly plan for next week