6 clip recording tut

Facial movement recording tutorial

  • This project is 5 sets of 6 video clips, all together  30 clips
  • Every set have the same order and content, just with  different accessories and light conditions
  • You MUST stare at the camera through out the whole process
  • You MUST perform the movement you’re told to do like the demonstration boy.
  • You MUST continue talking according to what the demonstration boy told you, the content is irrelevant.

Video 1: Normal 

This is to set up the common sequence of the rest videos. Follow the movement. You don’t need to talk in this one.

When you turn make sure you turn to 90° even when you can’t see the camera.

For the rest times STARE AT THE CAMERA

Video 2: Talking normally

The rest is the same as Video 1, just need to add talking

Notice that you’ll need to talk loudly in the next video, so here please talk with small volume. Counting the numbers will be enough.

Video 3: Talking loudly

The rest is the same as Video 1, just need to TALK LOUDLY

Video 4: Bouncy talkiing

Keep talking  with a small volume while NODDING YOUR HEAD.

Video 5: Bouncy loud talking

Repeat video 4 but talk LOUDLY.

Video 6: Random expressions

Keep making facial expressions through out the recording. Don’t stop. You can move your mouth, nose and eye brows.

!!Good luck and enjoy!!