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What is Data LMTD

Data LMTD is a high-tech company, also a global team of artificial intelligence research and development. Together with our fellow partners we design, generate and polish data for AI training.

 Professor Eric Fletcher

Founder and CEO of Data LMTD

How this works

Check out how Data LMTD and team helped Dimler™ to develop their Swahili voice interaction system

Data LMTD first recruit our CONTRIBUTOR in Tanzania and Kenya to come to our local spots and perform Swahili conversations

Then our local COLLECTOR will train and record the  conversations and submit them to our server

Our ANNOTATOR from all over the world will then mark and label all these data according to project requirements.

Finally, all these data will feed and train Daimler™’s voice recognition algorithm and Vooala!! the computer now can speak Swahili!


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